Basic Information for  Scheduling  Behind-the-Wheel:

1. 15 years old and completed 30hr course

2. Have permit

3. Partner selected- (If you do NOT have one contact us)

4. One Partner- Fill out profile online

5. Develop Username and Password

6. Try and schedule roughly 1-2x per month- Each drive time is 2 hours in length 

7. COMMUNICATE with partner

8. Parents/Guardians be INVOLVED!!

******Our Drive Time calendar only shows 60 days out from today!!  Therefore you will not see any availability beyond that. Every day, new drive times are added to the calendar ******

Example: If today was Jan. 1st, no one can see past March 1st

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NOTE- The Boyceville Drive Time Calendar is ONLY for students from Boyceville and Glenwood City!