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We teach our students as though they are our own kids. Dunn Right For Life!!!

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Bonus or Private Lesson

*This course meets the state requirements if you are issued a failure to yield ticket.

In Person classroom(2 hours). Cost is $85

Online Course(2 hours). Cost is $125

All classes are held in the drivers ed room at Boyceville High School.

​​Right of WayCourse -In person classroom & Online Option Available

All classes are held in at the Alliance church school facility.The address is 502 21st St N, Menomonie, WI 54751

Save your spot in class.. Both begin Sunday, Dec. 6th

Session #90 Hybrid-Menomonie

 Session #B13 Hybrid- Boyceville

**We accept students from surrounding areas for classroom sessions and Behind the Wheel!

Bonus lessons are above and beyond our Student's state required lessons. Private lessons are for None tradition students who are over 18 and are looking to get their license but need driving instruction.  $40/hour

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Dunn Right Driving School

Contact us: drivesafe@dunnrightdrivingschool.com

Office: E5580 690th Ave, Menomonie, WI 54751

 ATTENTION ...with the NEW DMV release: Students still must take 30 hour classroom course and required behind the wheel (6 hours driving/6 hours observation) with a licensed instructor & must have a permit for a minimum of 6 months. The only change is with FINAL Road test ( families can still take the road test at the DMV or do the Waiver.

 Right of Way Class

Monday, Dec. 7th (4-6 pm)

(Menomonie Alliance Church)

Contact our office to enroll